Website Maintenance

There are few things worse for your business than a neglected website. Any or all of the following issues with your site can cause potential customers to jump to a competitor’s site in a heartbeat:

  • Links that no longer work
  • Outdated text
  • Outdated copyright designation
  • Outdated photos
  • Outdated images
  • Outdated phone numbers, physical address, and email addresses
  • An events page or calendar containing events that have long since passed
  • Listing of personnel no longer with the company
  • Misspelled words and poor grammar

As a business owner, you want a quality, professional, up-to-date website but, like many business owners, you just don’t have the time to maintain it yourself. Of course, you could go out and hire someone and pay them a salary plus benefits plus your share of all of the government withholding, OR you could let New Heights Marketing take this burden off your shoulders at a fraction of the cost of having someone in-house.

New Heights Marketing offers several options for website maintenance as well as other services. Please contact us for details.