Hello! Is Anybody There?

Have you ever done business with someone who would not respond to you? Whether you were trying to communicate by email, text, or phone, you just could not get that person to answer you and, if you ever did get to talk to him or her, you marked it on your calendar as a red...Continue reading

Five Routines of Success

The word, “routine” has gotten a bad reputation. Too often, people associate the term with being in a rut or doing something over and over again to the point of tedium. I’d like to suggest that, while some routines might indeed be wearisome, there are those that are absolutely necessary to success in business. Here...Continue reading

On Blueberry Hill

THE HARVEST"Go to the back corner of the field," the attendant said. "Those bushes haven't been picked over yet." A novice at gathering blueberries, I dutifully set out toward the far reaches of this large blueberry field. But I never made it there. Instead, I found all of the sweet, juicy blue fruit I could...Continue reading

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